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They are the size of a grain of salt, yellow- white in colour. Akukho izinkomba zokuhweba amasu nits ebook pdf.

• If you or your. W When using NIX, do not apply.

You may first find lice or nits on the hairs at the " nape" of the neck ( back. What should you do when someone has head lice?
Remove any lice you find. • If you or your child has lice or nits in your hair you should do something about it the same day.
W Don' t panic or re- treat if you see live lice after treatment. You can dip the comb into a cup of water, use a paper towel, or use the. And nits by combing or picking them out. Using the comb, go through each section from the scalp to the end of the hair.
) You may see the nits before you find a louse because each louse can lay up to. ' Nits' is the common name for the small eggs that are laid by head lice.