Indlela yokuba ngumthengisi wemali ephumelelayo - Ephumelelayo wemali

Fassad' s Japanese name, Yokuba, is derived from the term " yokubari", meaning ambition or greed. Boss: Miracle Fassad HP: in Hard Mode) PP: 382 Offense: 164 Defense: 140 IQ: 58 Speed: 54 Exp: 28636 DP: 1540 Fassad is.

In his life as Locria,. Yokuba, called Fassad in the fan translation, also known as Locria or Locklear, depending on the translation, is an antagonist in the GBA game, Mother 3.
Fassad ( also known as ヨクバ Yokuba), previously known as Locria before joining the Pigmask Army, is a recurring antagonist in Mother 3. Fassad ( ヨクバ, Yokuba), o como se le conocía antes de que él se uniera al Ejército de los Puercaretos, Locria ( única Mágitana que es enemiga de Lucas), es.

Indlela yokuba ngumthengisi wemali ephumelelayo. The name Fassad, used in the Mother 3 fan translation,.